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Web and nearby rooms (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); “Between Us” is a multiplayer game about teamwork and betrayal! You and your staff can play this game online or via local Wi-Fi and try to keep the space together.
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It is important for everyone to work together to get back to civilization. Beware of someone you trust. There are foreign scams on board! The parasitic transformer has changed one of your employees: Who are we? In that game, you and the various players will play as a group of people from the container, preparing to go into the sky. However, there are people hiding in the group who will ruin your activities. However, the scandal will also try to kill everyone in the group. AMCap download
You and your team must respond quickly to rectify the scandalous attack. Teracopy Download
It is important to follow the differences;

They can also join your team, if they will use a game changer or a work environment. When the group made an airplane, they discovered that one of the team members was actually a stranger! This scam aims to control the ship and execute everyone in it. The best way to win is to get and remove the fake votes from the ship, and end the desire;

There are only a few incidents you can do, which are: walking, holding or using, killing and reporting the body. Multiple controls give you access to mini-games and click on the entire screen. As someone on the team, you must respond quickly to eliminate the failure of the imitator. You should also immediately report the body so that the group can investigate who may have done it; How to play between us? You need to know who the deceiver is. He will break the ship, go through the holes, fix your guards and make sure others don’t ruin his hideout. The way is that no one in the team is allowed to talk to keep an eye on the unknown. Online multiplayer games allow you to play from four to ten players. You can chat with a variety of online players and those who are connected to other people nearby;

You can ask for a crisis meeting to focus on people you think are skeptical. Then you will be able to choose to release the person you consider to be a fraud. Be careful not to waste your bread knife. In addition to finding scammers, you and your team can also dominate the competition by filling out the collection task bar. You can do this by completing the setup task;

To make the game more difficult, you can play cheaters in your team. As a fraudster, you can apply for a co-worker job. At this point, you can escape and try to undermine team activities. You can use the mesh to move quickly on the ship. You can use the attack to combine and divide the team. In addition, you can describe the audience and make them look like crossovers.

A live and relaxing game! Among us is a casual game suitable for beginner groups. You and other players will benefit from online players on players and corporate environment. In addition, any of your friends can join the same server, no matter where their device is; Together, you can come up with strategies to find out if strangers are trying to take a ship.. Telegram Download ..

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